Château Haut-Brisson – Yulia Kerner

Since her early age Yulia has been certain to take a path of an artist someday, although she primarily chose other humanistic disciplines for her career. Having obtained degrees in journalism and psychology she engaged herself mainly in glossy magazines as editor-in-chief, as well as producer of movie festivals and media events and, moreover, launched her own media projects.

Such a whimsical path towards her true vocation was not an eventuality. With the time and experience she gained, Yulia became confident about the message she was to deliver.

The right moment came right before the pandemic. Her name gained notoriety just in mere weeks. Ever since she has taken part in collective exhibitions across Russia and Europe: “Collector’s Exhibition” in Moscow State Museum of Decorative Arts, “Through the eyes of Russia” in Camden Image Gallery in London, “Cross and Zero Game” in Yaroslavl Art Museum and City Gallery of Kostroma, “Following Don Quixote” in Voznesensky Center, Moscow, “Not here/not now” in Spazio Malvasia in Venice and DAMOSCOW Art Fair. On top of that, her works are highly prized by private collectors in Russia, USA, Israel, France, and other countries.

Yulia is a graphic artist, creating highly metaphorical images with acrylics on paper or wood. Her works present many allusions, referencing world literature, cinematography, and artworks from different countries and nations, spinning from the neo-realist cinema of the late 1940s to Stanley Kubrick’s iconic films and further through the decorative folk symbols of her native country.

Relentlessly continuing her self-education in art, for decades she has been frequenting museums and galleries everywhere she travelled, nurturing her imaginary world, as well as going through art editions on the XX century creations.

There’s always a strong meaning behind every series of her pure drawings.

“A blank sheet of paper appears to me as the most beautiful and self-contained thing a human being can have near him. I work with white very much, I need so much of it.”

Total privacy of Chateau Haut-Brisson happened to be completely in tune with her work style, character, and habits. She visited the premises twice: both times off-season when her art residency could be most productive, feeling just like an athlete at the training session, with no distraction from the main course.

A great admirer of Aquitaine – one of her favorite regions in France, which she had been repeatedly attending before, – Yulia has completely fallen under the charm of this place. She felt more like being at her friends’ home rather than in a guest house, and at the same time enjoying five-star hotel comfort. Contemporary and trendy amenities, elegantly furnished rooms with superior beds and highest quality linen, a cozy salon and lounge area – all has been conceived with love and attention to the smallest detail.

She was impressed by the mixture of innovative technologies used for the vinery operation and omnipresent sense of tradition and history.

Besides, the beauty of the English garden of the estate immediately caught her attention, moreover this type of landscape architecture happens to be one of her favorite styles in garden design.

An experienced fan of cooking, she has also much appreciated a modern kitchen with a transparent glass wall where she could make her favorite dishes to pamper her hosts who became friends.

Whilst staying at Chateau Haut-Brisson Yulia managed to accomplish some works to complete her existing series, as well as several drawings specifically created for the Chateau featuring her typical characters – pinguins, Russian dolls and authentically ornamented shawls – among the recognizable edifices of Haut-Brisson, thus marking her creative presence here.

Yulia found this discreet jewel of French countryside – located just 2 hours away by highspeed train from bustling Paris – genuinely serene and inspiring, with its natural grace, fertile lands, refreshing winds and presentiment of the Atlantic vibes.

A view on the neat rows of Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapevines from her window was like a cherry on her every day’s cake. A true wine connoisseur, she was allured by Haut-Brisson wines, praising its intense black current notes.

She would also keep an amusing memory of a particular guest: a black raven, much alike the protagonist of “Nevermore” poem by Edgar Allan Poe, that paid her regular visits at sunset and tapped his steady melody against her door.

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