Château Haut-Brisson – Alexandra Pasternak

The works of Alexandra Pasternak are distinguished by immaculate staging. Meticulous study of correlation between organic and manmade architecture accentuated by color and luminosity results in thoroughly organized elegance of an oil painting. Her canvases are usually preceded by quite a few graphic sketches or aquarelle drawings – which could be considered artworks by their own – to test the volumes and the coloring. Carefully chosen geometrical sequence creates a one-of-a-kind scenery where simplicity and precision come together in the most fabulous manner.

This theatricality is no accident: Alexandra graduated with honors from the State Academic Art College of the Memory of 1905 in Moscow where she studied Theatrical Set Painting, with further internship in the famous Bolshoi theatre workshops in the capacity of a propman. She pursued her education in Stage Design in the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, but finally decided to develop her talents as an independent artist.

Although staying in Château Haut-Brisson was her first – and very much appreciated – experience of art residency, France is no stranger to her works: in 2018 she was one of the participants of the «Man and Space» exhibition in Sanary-Sur-Mer, curated by Kvartira S Gallery, and in 2021 her works were chosen by Parisian Tonka gallery. Besides, since 2015 she’s been putting on solo exhibitions and her artwork is owned by many private collectors in Russia, Georgia, Great Britain, and the United States.

Eager to share her artistic vision and the techniques of the craft, since 2014 and until recently she had been teaching art and design to children in London Gates Education Group in Moscow.

At her early age she imitated the brushstrokes of Van Gogh (and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to attend his current exhibition in the Musée d’Orsay) and is much admiring the verve of Henry Matisse, David Hockney, Giorgio Morandi and Edward Hopper.

Alexandra compares her painting to keeping a diary: she transforms her impressions of the natural, urban and countryside paysages into graciously rhythmical mosaics, thus giving us an opportunity to see the world around through her eyes, witnessing her version of generalized reality via the prism of geometry.

A part of a new generation of artists, she is perceptive of anything new: from learning a new language, considering a new country to live in or getting to know a new singer. Alexandra certainly embodies the lightness, curiosity, digital intelligence and multifunctionality of the Millennials as well as keeping in line with more traditional principles of self-discipline, hardworking and thoughtfulness.

She’s keen on taking long walks breathing in her inspiration, and especially enjoyed her staying at Château Haut-Brisson premises for this reason. Not only she encountered numerous birds frolicking among the vines, but also a nimble sneaking fox. She was particularly attracted by the old oak trees framing the vineyard, with their clear-cut leaves.

Her discerning eye and sharp sense of observation sometimes manifested by its own, without her intention: once finished one of her works, she noticed that it just copied the color palette of the room where she had been creating.

Alexandra came to the art residence together with her husband, a prominent Georgian-Russian artist Anton Totibadze. Each of them has his own distinct style of painting, they work side by side, however totally independent from each other. And yet, when you see their works, you get the impression that these two are definitely looking in the same direction. Maybe one day they could realize a common artwork and we would be quite anxious to see it.

And yes, we could not avoid mentioning it as her family name might ring a bell to you, she is actually a great granddaughter of Boris Pasternak, – a famous Russian poet, novelist and literary translator, the author of “Doctor Zhivago”, awarded by the Nobel prize for literature in 1958, – and moreover, a great-great granddaughter of Leonid Pasternak – a renowned Russian post-impressionist painter, friend of Leo Tolstoy and a member of Peredvizhniki movement.

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