Château Haut-Brisson – Restoration works

After the acquisition of Château Haut-Brisson by the new owner, Stéphane Schinazi, major redevelopment and renovation works have been undertaken in order to accomodate private and professional customers, and to improve the wine-making facilities.

Works began in November 2020. A space exclusively dedicated to reception has been made available to the public. The two barrel cellars as well as the vat room have been renovated. The Château itself has been completely renovated, in order to create a luxury accommodation space, a catering area and a conference room.

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Château Haut-Brisson – Andy Paiko

02 November 2023

The creation of this artist is quite particular for the Chateau Haut-Brisson. The whole idea emerged when the owners came…

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Château Haut Brisson – Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova

24 October 2023

Born in a family of art historians and graduated cum laude from the National institute of fashion (Moscow, Russia), Marusya…

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Château Haut-Brisson – Yulia Kerner

12 October 2023

Since her early age Yulia has been certain to take a path of an artist someday, although she primarily chose…

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