Château Haut-Brisson – Art Collaborations

Sensitive to every form of art manifestation and passionate about certain, we at Chateau Haut-Brisson are warmly welcoming our kindred spirits: contemporary artists.

We are happy to render a source of inspiration for these talents – as well as an art residence – and are delighted of exposing the results of our fruitful cooperation.

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Château Haut-Brisson – Andy Paiko

02 November 2023

The creation of this artist is quite particular for the Chateau Haut-Brisson. The whole idea emerged when the owners came…

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Château Haut Brisson – Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova

24 October 2023

Born in a family of art historians and graduated cum laude from the National institute of fashion (Moscow, Russia), Marusya…

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Château Haut-Brisson – Yulia Kerner

12 October 2023

Since her early age Yulia has been certain to take a path of an artist someday, although she primarily chose…

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